Articles about anti-Semitism


The Two Greatest Hatreds
By Barry Rubin, Ph.D.
Covenant Magazine, November 2006


Today, the two most widely hated peoples in the world today are the Americans and the Jews or, in national terms, the United States and Israel. Moreover, these two unreasoning hatreds are closely linked. Apologists for this fact, or well-meaning souls who know no better, attribute this tragic situation to the narrowest and most immediate historical context, as if it is the result of the nasty personalities or latest deeds of President George W. Bush or former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, or to bad–or at least controversial–policies.

Yet there are far wider and deeper reasons for the flourishing of this sole permissible prejudice in an era which boasts of its record-high tolerance in human history, factors that make it far harder to combat or change the situation. Attributing hatred exclusively either to policy–what the United States and Israel does–or values–a dislike for what these countries stand for–misses the point. It is not merely a matter of better behavior or more effective public relations’ techniques. Those who misunderstand and hate will not be so easily persuaded that they are wrong.

While some reasons for hatred are as fresh as the latest newspaper headlines, many of the themes bringing together contemporary antisemitism and anti-Americanism are a century or two old. To understand this better, let’s look at five factors: claims that America and the Jews represent the same thing, that Jews control America, the manipulation of hatred for political advantage, the systematic misrepresentation of policy, and the structural problems of the United States and Israel as democracies facing enemies who are dictatorships.


Soros, Europeans: Die Juden sind Unser Unglück!
by Prof. Nicholas Stix
Global Politician, April 19, 2008


George Soros presents one of the greatest dangers to world Jewry. Unlike genocidal Jewish anti-Semites such as Israel’s “post-Zionists” or Adam Shapiro, the co-founder of the PLO front, the International Solidarity Movement, Soros does not wake up in the morning thinking, “How may I help kill Jews?” For Soros, rather, the Jews are an inconvenience.

One of the ironies of George Soros, is that he is one Jew who really does seek to rule the world. Not the way anti-Semites from central casting like Mahathir Mohammad claim, through rigging currency markets, but rather through non-governmental organizations like his Soros Foundation and Open Society Institute, which are allied with anti-American organizations like the U.N., Red Cross/Red Crescent, and the New York Times, in trying to destroy America. Soros seeks to institute a humanitarian, socialist, world government.

As to why Soros should make nice with genocidal anti-Semites, I believe he is following the rule, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” Genocidal Muslims are America’s greatest enemy. Strange bedfellows, and all that.

But, you ask, Isn’t Soros a Jew?! Tell him that.

The prostitutes who heard Soros speak, want his money. They refuse to understand that they would be making a deal with the Devil. Soros would only give money to Jewish philanthropies and organizations, in order to gain control over and subvert them. If there are any real Jewish leaders worthy of the name, they will vilify and marginalize Soros.



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