Videos: 2009


December 22, 2009: “Your World with Neil Cavuto”
Obama at the G-20 Summit
“Obama is walking away from capitalism… Adam Smith must be spinning in his grave.”


December 1, 2009: “Breaking News”
Analysis of Obama’s Afghanistan policy speech
“You don’t tell your enemy when and for how long you’ll fight him.” (WWII analogy)


October 19, 2009: “Your World with Neil Cavuto”
Report on Russia Building Bigger Missiles
Excerpt: “Well, in my judgment […] they have decided we have a president that rolls over and plays dead every time he gets anything tough said to him. I think they have judged that this president of ours is not one who wants to confront, not one who is going to be tough. And, in fact, every message he has sent to the world, recently, at least, ever since he came into office, has been one that would lead every — every other person who wishes us no good to judge that they can play around with us and we don`t do much in response. So, I think Putin has, particularly, has judged our president to be weak and unready to confront, even when he should.”
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October 2, 2009: “On The Record with Greta van Susteren”
Topic: Iran, nuclear weapons, terrorism and more

Part 1:

Part 2:


April 15, 2009: “Jefferson Area Tea Party” (Charlottesville, VA)
Topic: Sec. Eagleburger speaks to an overflow crowd at the Pavillion
Excerpt: “I’ve lived in countries where you’d be shot for what you’re doing right now. And if that doesn’t separate the United States of America from the rest of the world, I don’t know what does… [T]he tragedy of this is that there aren’t more of you.”



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