Howard Hart


Howard Hart is one of Sec. Eagleburger’s closest friends.  Little known to the general public, but a legend within the CIA and among national security experts.  Blogs at Intelligence Thoughts.  From his site’s bio:

Howard P. Hart spent almost 25 years in CIA’s Clandestine Service, most of them overseas in India, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle East. The CIA Chief of Station in several of those countries, he also had a number of senior assignments at CIA Hqs., where he was very involved with other members of the Foreign Intelligence Community and the NSC. Hart speaks Hindustani/Urdu and received both B.A. and M.A. degrees in Oriental Studies. He retired as a highly decorated senior officer in 1991.


Howard Hart video appearances at the Miller Center for Public Affairs, Charlottesville, VA

The War Against Terrorists: Where Are We?
September 7, 2005
After a warm introduction by Sec. Eagleburger, Hart introduces the basics of espionage and human intelligence (“humint”), and examples from his 25-year career in the CIA, including his leadership roles in Tehran and Afghanistan, and his assessment of the prospect for building a stable, non-terror-supporting culture in Afghanistan.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Global War Against Radical Islamic Terrorism
February 11, 2005
Hart argues that the United States is involved in a global war against radical Islamic terrorism and a massive counter-insurgency effort in Iraq. It also faces a host of related problems, ranging from the potential consequences of a nuclear-armed Iraq; the threat of an irrational North Korea; and potential instability in so-called “allied” Islamic states. These issues have serious domestic and foreign policy implications, many of which, he says, the country has not properly or thoroughly addressed.

Can Today’s CIA Conduct Tomorrow’s Espionage?
December 3, 2004
Hart presents a frank and critical exploration of the CIA’s ability to collect human intelligence and successfully mount espionage operations.


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