Blogging “friends”


Aside from acting as a vehicle through which Sec. Eagleburger can express his views on political matters, it is also designed to act as a means of including his friends’ views on these matters, even if they are in disagreement. In doing so, he hopes to facilitate an intelligent discussion of vital issues affecting the United States and its allies, and to include the general public – and especially, young Americans – in these discussions.

Here are some of the individuals that you can look forward to seeing on these pages:

Howard Hart

One of Sec. Eagleburger’s closest friends.  Little known to the general public, but a legend within the CIA and among national security experts.  Hart blogs at Intelligence Thoughts. From his site’s bio:

Howard P. Hart spent almost 25 years in CIA’s Clandestine Service, most of them overseas in India, Pakistan, Iran, and the Middle East. The CIA Chief of Station in several of those countries, he also had a number of senior assignments at CIA Hqs., where he was very involved with other members of the Foreign Intelligence Community and the NSC. Hart speaks Hindustani/Urdu and received both B.A. and M.A. degrees in Oriental Studies. He retired as a highly decorated senior officer in 1991.

External profiles of Hart here, here, here.

See archive of Howard Hart’s video appearances here.



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